About us

The law firm Gugić, Kovačić & Krivić d.o.o. was established in 2004. The firm continued to provide the legal services of previously established individual and joint law offices, adopting high standards with regard to both expertise, and quality and speed of service.

From the very beginning, our principal motive has been to provide quality legal services and the most efficient solutions in the shortest possible time, with an affirmative approach based on knowledge, experience and well-argued reasoning.

Our main objective is to find the best possible solutions in co-operation with our clients within the provided business and legislative frameworks.


We endeavour to approach our clients’ requests and assignments proactively in order to achieve set objectives and plans. In solving our clients’ requests, we advocate the application of the highest business and ethical standards while also taking into account other important dimensions of each individual business relationship.

Our clients are mostly domestic and foreign legal persons (companies) whose fields of business are within our areas of expertise and mostly related to the types of law our firm practises. Our development has often been closely connected with our clients’ growth. Aware of our role in the business process, we have always aspired to provide our clients with active support in achieving their goals.

All the members of our team are educated to the highest standards, used to working under pressure and fully prepared to accept the responsibility of professional challenges. With the aim of constant improvement and professional development, all our attorneys and legal associates regularly attend various educational activities and workshops, thus gaining insights into current developments in Croatian and EU legislation. All our employees actively speak English, and often use Italian, Slovenian and French.

The firm and its employees are acknowledged as experts in the types of law they practise, primarily commercial, civil and criminal law, and are very active in the work of domestic and foreign professional associations.

Legal remark

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