Legal services

The following is a detailed list of legal services provided by the firm:

Corporate law
  • corporate amendments in companies
  • corporate matters
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • risk control
  • legal due diligence
  • joint ventures
  • liquidation
Commercial law
  • representation of companies
  • contract law
  • regulatory issues
  • compliance
  • collection of claims
  • court proceedings (litigation and non-contentious proceedings)
  • arbitration
  • mediation (conciliation)
  • enforced collection (enforcement)
Administrative proceedings
  • proceedings before administrative bodies
  • proceedings before administrative courts
Insolvency proceedings
  • creditors/debtors
  • legal co-operation with companies in bankruptcy
  • restructuring of debtors

Labour law
  • labour disputes
  • plans for restructuring and redundancy costs
  • employment and management contracts
  • drafting company employment rules and statutory documentation
  • obtaining work permits
Property rights and ownership
  • real estate status
  • acquisition and sale of real estate
  • leasing/renting
Criminal law
  • initiating criminal proceedings
  • representation of defendants in criminal proceedings for economic criminal offences
Misdemeanour law
  • initiating misdemeanour proceedings
  • protection
  • representation
Public Procurement
  • Advising bidders in court proceedings relating to public tenders and in other contentious proceedings concerning breaches of public procurement law
  • Advising bidders on participating in the award procedures for public works, supplies and services contracts
  • Performing of trials (appellate procedures) before the State Commision for Supervision of Public Procurement Procedure